Do you know what is the most ferocious bird in the world? It is the legendary cassowary.

This bird that looks a bit like an ostrich is not an ostrich, but a cassowary. Most people call it a cassowary.

Cassowaries mainly inhabit areas such as Australia and New Guinea. In terms of body size, they rank third among a wide range of birds. They can reach 1 meter 7 in height and weigh about 70 kg. Many birds can distinguish between male and female. A big difference can be seen in the external feathers, but there is not much difference between male and female in this bird, and the female bird has a slight advantage in body shape.

Bird trivia: The world once kicked a bird to death.
Bird trivia: The world once kicked a bird to death.

There is another bright spot in the appearance of the cassowary, that is, the “red tie” under its neck. In fact, there are two pieces of brighter red meat under its neck. Body shape, quite like a big boss. It is also these two pieces of bright red meat that make people feel like an unburned flame, which is why the name “cassowary” comes from.

It may be due to the size of the bird, so even the crown on the top of the head is much larger than that of ordinary birds. In addition, its crown is not the soft flesh of ordinary birds, but the bone structure, which is what they prey on. Good helpers. When they need to attract the attention of their prey and draw them out, they will use this bony crown to make a loud noise. When the prey is frightened and escape, they will quickly bite the prey in the mouth. Get rid of.

The most powerful weapon in the battle is undoubtedly its three toes. Like another huge animal, Rhea, the inner toe is long and pointed, and the sharpness is no less than that of a dagger. It is precisely because it has such a powerful toe and Strong and powerful legs, it can easily kill a dog or horse at its feet, and even human internal organs can be hooked out by its foot. This is not alarmist. It has been reported in foreign countries before that the cassowary has penetrated It has an extraordinary body, and some people have died at its feet. In 2007, it was listed as the most dangerous bird in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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