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In traditional Chinese culture, mandarin duck is often used to describe couples to describe love. But in fact, the use of love is not specific, only in the honeymoon period when the use of love.

The male mandarin duck is not specific to the object of courting when he has not established his own relationship. The hero can also pursue several female mandarin ducks at the same time to pick and choose, and some of them will even exchange objects of love.

But once the male mandarin duck and the female mandarin duck establish a relationship, the male mandarin duck will become very specific. During the honeymoon period of these months, no matter where the female mandarin duck is, the male mandarin duck will follow. Moreover, the male mandarin duck is a very gentleman. It is like a good husband. It helps his wife to groom her hair. It also allows her wife to enjoy the meal first. She also chooses the tree hole for her family to prepare for future generations. It can be said that she is very loving. .

Do you think that they will be happy forever together? No, once the female mandarin duck starts spawning, the male mandarin duck is often mysteriously missing. From then on, the female mandarin duck has a single shadow. It becomes a single mother, spawning alone in the tree hole, and it takes about a month to hatch. Descendants.

In the summer, the male mandarin duck will take off the gorgeous feathers and put it in the same way as the female mandarin duck. When the autumn and winter are at the beginning, the male mandarin duck will dress again and continue to propose the same as in previous years.

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