The water we drink every day is actually dinosaur urine?

What? Is the water that we drink everyday actually dinosaur pee?

The water we drink every day is actually dinosaur urine?

On a hot day, pick up a glass of ice water, drink a big mouth, crystal clear water into the heart and spleen, let the heat disappear. But if you tell you, you are not drinking water, it is a fake dinosaur urine, will you spray it out? The video channel YouTube’s science channel “Curious People” explains: The Mesozoic life of dinosaurs lasted for about 186 million years. During this time, the dinosaur drank a lot of water and then excreted a lot of urine. These urines evaporate and enter the atmosphere, then condense, and then return to the land in the form of precipitation. A book called “The Future of Water” says: “The water that dinosaurs drink is the same as the water we drink today… After the fossil fuel burns, it will never return, and the water will last forever.” Human beings have appeared on Earth for more than 200,000 years. “Most of the water has never been touched by humans, but almost every drop of water has been drunk by dinosaurs,” said the “Curious Man” channel. “This means that every cup of water you drink has passed through the digestive tract of dinosaurs. “Oh, actually, that is, the dinosaurs don’t know how many years of their own urine?” Think so, is there a lot of balance in my heart?


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