Super-violent bag rapist, semen drained and died

Super-violent bag rapist, semen drained and died

You may not have heard of the bag, and if you understand their mating rituals, it is difficult for you to forget the animal in a short time. Every winter, the female bag enters the estrus period, causing the bag family to set off a violent mating frenzy. Male pouches will mate as much as possible with more females. They will grab the female’s neck, forcibly drag it away, and then mate. Usually, the mating time of the bag can reach 3 hours, and sometimes it can last for a whole day. The reason for this “long-lasting war” is that male pouches can’t shoot a lot of semen at a time, and must be ejaculated several times to ensure that the female conceives and then continues her own genes.

The male bag is a violent and cruel guy. During the mating process, they will bite the female and make them scream. Many females scented in the mating, and finally became a male dish. Of course, the male bag is also “punished” for violent mating. Due to the large amount of physical exertion in the mating season, they lost weight and began to appear bald, and died within a few weeks after mating.

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