Male bee penis burst and died
Male bee penis burst and died

Do you know how the bees died after the bee stings? Most drones will not be able to escape after mating with the queen bee (the only female bee in the bee colony). Before mating, the new queen will kill all of its sisters, ensuring that it is a monarch in the hive. Once the mating with the drones begins, the queen will become very cautious, picking out about ten of the thousands of drones in the hive, and sometimes the drones selected have a lot of luck. But this is not a good thing, because when the drone inserts the genitals into the queen’s body, the genitals will explode, causing the drone to die. The queen bee is loaded with all the drone sperm cells needed for the rest of the life, producing an average of 1,500 bees per day throughout the year.

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