For example, the body of a whale is found on the beach every year. The body of a whale is washed up on the beach. This is just a normal phenomenon. But as a tourist, don’t hold your own curiosity. Going forward to see what happens, even some tourists are not willing to leave, they have to take a photo, this is not desirable.

Why can’t we get close to them? Dumplings give you a quick explanation. Before the whales die, every time they eat, they will eat a lot of food. Like people, these foods will be digested by the digestive system and will be decomposed by microorganisms in the digestive tract to produce some methane and sulfide. Gas, whales can also excrete these gases when they are alive.

But once the whale dies, these gases can only be trapped inside the body, and the microbes in the body will multiply quickly, and these gases will accumulate faster. When the whale’s appearance can’t withstand the pressure, it will explode. It is said that the power is equivalent to a gas tank? Even if you are not injured, you will be disgusted by the rotted viscera and bacteria that are sprayed out.

No matter whether it is physiological or psychological, people can’t accept it, so don’t get close to them. The correct way to be a visitor is to report the administrator quickly. They will ask the experts to come and deal with it. First, let go of the gas in the body and deal with the body. There is really no way, they can also request support and use the shells to deal with these bodies.

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