In 2018, 66-year-old Joseph Carr of Oregon sued a police dog named Rolo and its handler, Deputy Jason Bernards of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, because Rolo bit him. Rolo bit Carr on September 18, 2016, as Carr attended the opening of a store.

Dog Trivia:Dog biting someone's finger is sued
Dog Trivia:Dog biting someone’s finger is sued

Carr met Deputy Bernards and Rolo standing at the entrance of the store. Bernards told Rolo to “say hi,” which Carr took as an invitation to pet the dog. However, Rolo bit Carr in the abdomen when Carr touched the canine’s ear and head. Carr sued for $50,000 in damages.

Deputy Bernards claimed that Carr was bitten because he wrapped his hands around the dog’s snout. However, Carr’s attorney, Brian Hefner, noted that surveillance footage shows that Carr only touched the dog’s head and ear. Carr said the bite scar constantly reminds him of the “horrific and unnecessary event.”[

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Anya Schoettle
Anya Schoettle
1 year ago

His blog Dog Trivia:Dog biting someones finger is sued-3trivia has helped me a lot with my dog. Also,now my dog ​​follows everything I ask. Kiss you All!

Kayce Lacoste
Kayce Lacoste
1 year ago

This blog Dog Trivia:Dog biting someones finger is
3trivia has helped me a lot with my dog.
Kiss you All!