Not all bees will die after stabbing. The bees that die after being stabbed are limited to worker bees. Worker bees are incomplete female bees. Because they are not fully developed, they are left behind with the internal organs on the stinger without stab. Of course it will die.

Bee Trivia:Why do bees kill when they sting?
Bee Trivia:Why do bees kill when they sting?

The most hardworking of the bee colony, they will die immediately after the monks, the truth turns out to be…

As for the queen bee, the ovipositor is fully developed and will not be a problem after stabbing. But there are few cases in which the queen bee uses it to attack the enemy in his life, except for the duel of competitors with other queens who just hatched. Xiongfeng is not thorny because it has no ovipositor at all.

When the worker bee stings, insert the needle into the human skin, and then pull it out, because the small barb firmly hooks the human skin, so the needle and part of the internal organs will fall off when the bee stings away. Bees without internal organs will die. Bees are also not horrible when they are not in a hurry.

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