Rabbits come in a variety of coat colors, such as gray, tan, black, white, and so on. If you pay attention to observation, you will find that in addition to white rabbits, rabbits of various colors have the same color as their coats, but the eyes of white rabbits are all red, unlike their coat color. Why is this?

Rabbit Trivia:Why are the white rabbit eyes red?
Rabbit Trivia:Why are the white rabbit eyes red?

First of all, the color of rabbits is because their skins contain their own pigments. The color of the pigments is not only expressed in the coat color, but also in a certain structure of the eye. Many parts of the structure of the eye are transparent, and the color of the pigment is easily felt by us; although there are many tiny blood vessels in the eyeball, the color of the blood is masked by the pigment.

Secondly, the white rabbit’s epidermis is deficient in pigmentation, its hair contains no pigment, so it is white; the epidermis of the eyeball does not contain pigment, but it also has many tiny blood vessels. Therefore, the red eyes we see are actually transparent. The color of the blood among the eyeballs.

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