You may see the shimmering fireflies in the jungle in the summer night, and the little light is very beautiful in the dark night. You know, there is a strange group of fish in the mysterious deep sea. They are like fireflies, and they glow around. When they are in groups in the ocean, they are like a galaxy. They are extremely dreamy.

Fish trivia:a fish that glows, how to achieve light
Fish trivia:a fish that glows, how to achieve light

In general, most of the luminescent fish live in the deep sea, and there are many types, but they are mainly divided into two categories, namely, “self-illuminating fish” and “it illuminating fish”. The representative of “self-illuminating fish” is the American bald fish, which has a flat back and is covered by a pair of large illuminators, like a “searchlight.” The bald fish has no eyes, and the illuminator can play a visual role. The “light fish” is represented by the glittering fish distributed in the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. The flash fish is also called “light fish” and “light carp”. It is only seven or eight centimeters long, but it emits light very bright, diver It can be seen more than 10 meters from the fish.

So how do these fishes living in the ocean shine?

The illuminating organs of most luminescent fish are distributed on both sides of the abdomen, and also grow under the edges of the eyes, dorsal, tail or tentacles. Luminous fish rely on the body’s luminous organs to illuminate, and different marine organisms have different ways of emitting light. Some glandular cells in fish organs secrete luminescent substances; some fish emit light because of the symbiotic luminescent bacteria attached to the fish. Take the deep-sea carp as an example. It has some scary appearance and a “small lantern” on its head. This “little lantern” is the secret that it will shine: “Little Lantern” is a luminous fishing rod that evolved from the front dorsal fin. There are millions of luminous bacteria on the top of the fishing rod, which resemble small fish. In the “lantern”, there are glandular cells that secrete light. The photon is oxidized by oxygen under the catalysis of photozyme, which emits light that attracts fish to trap small fish or juveniles.

Among the fish that glow, the rarest and most rare one is the eye-catching fish. The illuminator of this fish is not large, but the light emitted is brighter than the light emitted by any kind of creature. There are a pair of half-moon-shaped “illuminators” under the eyes of the eye-lit fish. Because the fish has strange eyelid wrinkles, it can be opened and closed at will, so it can “turn on the light” and “turn off the light” at any time. Feel free to control the characteristics of the luminescence and help them escape when being chased.

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