Hey, commonly known as Xiaoqiang, is said to be one of the few surviving creatures in the dinosaur extinction disaster. There is a lot of experimental evidence in the strength of its vitality. This time, the A station UP master will focus on the topic of “have no head, how long it will last”.

Trivial things: Cut off its head, how long can it survive?
Trivial things: Cut off its head, how long can it survive?

The online answers vary from three to five days and from one to three months.

Five fully-fed American cockroaches were selected for the experiment, and the head was cut with a utility knife and then allowed to stand for observation. Among them, the first confirmed death was after 105 hours, and three of them ended their lives in seven days. Only one was tenacious and survived for eight days.

How long does it take to break the head? Xiaoqiang really is not white called

The author believes that, based on this test alone, it seems that the answer for seven days is more reliable. However, due to the small number of samples, it cannot be said that this is a universal conclusion. Moreover, there are many types and there is specificity.

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