In the past, studies have found that the more often a dog in a shelter is raised in the eyebrows and the outer eyebrows are lowered, the expression of a ́•ᴥ•` is more easily adopted.

Eyebrow trivia:Dogs can communicate with humans through eyebrows
Eyebrow trivia:Dogs can communicate with humans through eyebrows

Scientists believe that because of this cute puppy’s eyes, in the eyes of human beings, it is a bit like a sad look. Once you have confirmed your eyes, you can naturally evoke your instinct, but you need to make such a subtle expression change. A small piece of special muscle is applied to the inside of the eye, and scientists have not found this group of muscles on the wolf’s face. In addition, compared with wolves, when the dog is staring at humans, the eye muscles are more active and stronger, as if they want to use their eyes to tell people what to say.

This may be because human communication relies on eye contact, so if you want to get the owner’s heart, you must rely on #eyes, good at dogs that are eye-catching, so you have an evolutionary advantage, and this layer of strength continues to strengthen through generations. Nowadays, dogs have such developed eye muscles.

In order to narrow the distance from human beings, it took tens of thousands of years for dogs to learn to communicate with humans through their eyes. In contrast, cats, for thousands of years, seem to have nothing to do, so that humans can bark at them all day long. … It is really unfair to think about this world.

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