Speaking of the cock, everyone will think of it, swaying with a big cock and swaying. When I was dissatisfied, I started to make a chicken rack. The two cocks were also wonderful in water. Therefore, the folk activities of cockfighting were also derived. It is rare in life now. When people used to pass the time in ancient times, cockfighting can be said to be very popular.

Rooster trivia: Does adult cock have genitals?
Rooster trivia: Does adult cock have genitals?

Then everyone must be very curious, this cock is said to have no genitals, so how can there be future generations? It turns out that although the cock has no genitals, the eye that the cock has excreted is called the cloaca hole. When mating with the hen, if you put your asshole on the hen’s asshole, the mating process is completed and the whole process continues. The time is very short, about 5~6 seconds, so that the hen will produce eggs after fertilization, thus hatching out the chicken. This is a process, so the process of seeing the cock and the hen fighting as a child is actually Doing something that cannot be described, that is to say, completing the mating.

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