Earthworms are omnivorous insects with a wide variety of foods. A variety of foods, including bread, rice, cakes, vegetarian foods, fruits and beverages, etc., especially like pasta, sweet, oily pasta. There is a habit of eating fat, and among various vegetable oils, sesame oil is the most attractive to them, so some places call them “stealing oil”. (Love all kinds of oils, such as salad oil, sesame oil, soybean oil, peanut oil, etc.) In sugar, brown sugar and sugar are the most attractive to them.

Cockroach trivia:Is it true that you like to eat cooking oil?
Cockroach trivia:Is it true that you like to eat cooking oil?

In addition to a variety of foods, cockroaches often eat other items, such as in housing, warehouses, storage rooms, etc., they can eat cotton wool products, leather products, paper, books, soap and so on. In outdoor garbage dumps, gutters and toilets, they feed on corrupt organic matter and even bite dead animals.

However, there are certain differences in the diets of different types of cockroaches. For example, German cockroaches love fermented foods and beverages, American cockroaches like to eat corrupt organic matter, while Australian cockroaches are mainly plant foods and so on.

It is because cockroaches crawl everywhere and eat everything, they are contaminated and swallowed up with many pathogens, and they add to the habit of eating and pulling, becoming a mechanical communicator of some pathogens.

Water is more important for food than for food. You can be hungry and not thirsty. As shown in Table 2-3, the American cockroach can only survive for 40 days when the dry food is not given water, and the male can only survive for 27 days. Conversely, if there is water and no food, the female can survive for 90 days and the male can survive for 43 days.

When it is in harsh environmental conditions, when there is no food and no water, there will be mutual gluttony in the daytime. It is eaten small and eaten weakly, especially the worms that have just been molted, can not move, and the skin is tender, it becomes Prey competing for food.

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