Following the gradual well-known characteristics of the male mantis, mantis has a unique ear. Yes, you didn’t get it wrong, it’s one, not a pair. Even more strange is that this ear does not grow on the head, but grows between the legs. And this ear can’t distinguish the direction or frequency of the sound. It only has one effect. It detects whether the bat has positioned itself when it emits sound waves.

Ear trivia:Mantis's ears grow between the legs
Ear trivia:Mantis’s ears grow between the legs

This special auditory system is designed to deal with bats. When the sound waves of a particular frequency are found to be getting bigger and bigger, they know that there are bats nearby, so mantis stops flying horizontally and begins to spiral down the ground. When the bat flies over, it is difficult to tell that this is an insect that can be eaten.

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