Because the lions work really hard, do their best, when they go all out, they go all out, the male mothers rushing together, chasing the prey, so that the physical exhaustion is very powerful, of course, sleepy after work Feel, save energy and prepare for the next hunt.

Lion trivia:The lion sleeps 20 hours a day.
Lion trivia:The lion sleeps 20 hours a day.

To be honest, you don’t discriminate against our lions. We are more likely to chase long distances in cats. You see tigers as big as they are, and they only focus on assassinations. The cheetahs are fast, but they are also very popular. A few seconds of raids, not enough. Only our lion family can chase a chasing antelope and bison. Our lions are not like ordinary cats. They often have no social interaction function. Like lions and kennels, they have the ability to communicate with the team. They don’t rely on singles like tigers. They are more independent than Kobe and Wei. The family is a team player.

Although the African savannah is rich in fruit, it can’t be eaten and eaten. Everyone has to work hard to eat. The lion family is the strongest big cat in Africa. The leader of carnivores naturally has his reasons for hegemony. The first is Can run, the second is team battle, the third is to talk about strategy, presumably you have seen our team to match the hunting buffalo, set the trap to force the antelope to come to the video. The lion works, both physical strength and brain power. Can you not be tired?

But there is no way to be tired. Who makes our environment so bad, so many competitors? Many of these competitors are quite shameless. They don’t go hunting. Every day, many people are stunned, and they rush to grab the prey that the lion relies on, such as hyenas and vultures.

I have to say that although the lion is strong, but there are limitations, the old aristocrats in the animal, do things can not pull the face, can not eat carrion, can not play chaos, can not hit the guy in the sky. Therefore, when the prestige, the lion can be just a giant horse, elephant, bison, giraffe and other giants. When you are in distress, the lion will be quite embarrassed by the weight of the dog.

But the good thing is that after all, the lion is a socialized social animal with high IQ and strong discipline. It knows how to cooperate and keep learning, so it has always been able to occupy the top two positions in the industry. No matter how people sing the lion, the lion is still one of the kings of carnivores.

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