Animal Trivia: Do you know the imprint effect?

A small goose (or a few birds such as ducks) that hatches from the eggshell will use the…

A small goose (or a few birds such as ducks) that hatches from the eggshell will use the first moving object it sees as the object of chasing, and always follow each other; this moving thing usually In the case of its mother, but if it is a dog, a person, a toy goose, it will automatically follow it.

The time required to produce the imprint effect is extremely demanding. If the goose is less than 15 hours after it has been shelled, or has been more than 3 days, it will not produce an imprint effect. But once it has been imprinted on what target, it will persist and never follow another different breeder. If a goose that has been out for 4 days has been wearing a hood, when you open its hood, the gosling will immediately run away from you; if you open its hood on the previous day, Goslings will always follow you.

Animal Trivia: Do you know the imprint effect?
Animal Trivia: Do you know the imprint effect?

We have seen that some people raise birds very magically, without cages or chains, but they will go where to go, and they can fly back to stand on their shoulders. There is no such magical secret here, because the bird may have been hatched by the incubator or taken home within three days of birth. This effect can also be applied to the restoration of natural ecology such as the migratory migration of migratory birds and the introduction of raptors that have disappeared.

Everyone pays attention to the picture above. Below the power delta wing are 8 white cranes. Russian ornithologists hatched these endangered birds under the delta wing of the famous Italian flightr Angelo Arrigo and fed them. When Angelo is ready to take off, the white cranes will be crowded and lined up. Beside, as he flies with the delta wing. I used to see this shot in a documentary that forgot my name. It was very interesting. The white cranes flew very cheerfully and kindly. Because artificially hatched migratory birds do not migrate with their mothers in the right season, they do not know the traditional correct route. This method effectively solves this problem. In 1996, it was adapted into a film “With you Gao Fei”, Douban score 8.8, should be a very good-looking natural film.

The imprinting effect is not only found in lower animals, but also in humans. For example, the “first impression” is difficult to change.

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