Cheetah Trivia: Its top speed?

The top speed of the cheetah is 114 kilometers (70 miles). At present, the king of sprinters in…

The top speed of the cheetah is 114 kilometers (70 miles).

At present, the king of sprinters in human beings is undoubtedly the Bolt, a Jamaican athlete with the reputation of “lightning”. His best score of 100 meters has reached 9 seconds 58. If you want to make a breakthrough, you need to pay a huge amount. s hard work. However, if he sprints with the African Cheetah Sarah, he will probably be left behind. The female cheetah ran 100 meters and only took 6.13 seconds, which set a record for the 100-meter run of mammals on land.

Cheetah Trivia: Its top speed?
Cheetah Trivia: Its top speed?

According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on September 11, the cheetah named Sarah is 8 years old, from the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio, USA. She has actually entered the middle age stage and can achieve such an impressive record. rare.

Prior to Sarah, the record of a 100-meter range of mammals on land was 6.19 seconds, which was set in 2001 by a South African cheetah, Anna.
The runway for Sarah Speed ​​was built specifically at the Cincinnati Zoo. Project organizer, Kathy Nei Kirk, 78, said: “We are organizing this event to emphasize the protection of these wonderful animals and to make people realize that they may lose something.”

According to Hilke, Sarah is the second Cheetah in the Cincinnati Zoo to maintain a world record. The first is Moya, which set a record of 6.6 seconds in 2000.

The cheetah is the fastest animal on land. The top speed is even 70 mph (about 113 km), and the acceleration is amazing. However, its endurance is not good enough to chase the prey for a long time. Cheetahs are currently mainly distributed in Africa.

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