The owl will spit out a hair ball before dying. is this real? Let us talk about science for everyone today.

First of all, the owl will not only spit out the hair ball before he dies, but also spit the ball in his daily life. Some readers who have raised cats may say that my family’s kittens also spit the ball, and the owls spit. It is no wonder that the owls are really like the cats. But this is not the case. The owl spitting ball is mainly related to its diet. Wild owls mainly feed on mice, but there are no teeth in the owl’s mouth, so if you can’t chew, you can swallow the stomach and let the stomach digest. Although the stomach’s digestive system is very strong, the bones and hair of the mouse are indigestible, and the owl’s intestines are small, so there is no way to excrete it from the intestines, so these residual things remain in the stomach, but for a long time. It will definitely affect the digestive system, so he spit it out in one breath.

Owl trivia:Why do owls spit out a hairball before they die?
Owl trivia:Why do owls spit out a hairball before they die?

The domestic cat will spit the ball mainly because it often cleans its body hair with the mouth, so it will eat some hair. After a long time, the stomach can’t be digested and spit it out. So the cat spitting the ball and the owl are obviously different reasons. When scholars study owls, they will lick the hair balls they spit out to analyze their diet. So don’t see the owl spit the ball and think it is going to die. Owl’s life span is actually long, large owls can live to twenty or thirty years, and small ones can live for about ten years. Although owls are regarded as unclear signs in ancient Chinese culture, in recent years, with the spread of film and television dramas, owls have been raised as pets. The meaning of owls is different in different cultures. For example, the Greek owl is considered to represent wisdom, and the Japanese owl is also regarded as a symbol of blessing.

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