I remember when I was a kid, I watched some stories in fantasy novels that can fly with wings. I often imagined that if I could have a pair of pure white wings and be flexible, it would be a very wonderful thing, because I can not only be in the sky, Appreciating this world can also bring convenience to your travels, but these are just fantasies. People can only create airplanes with “wings”, but they cannot grow wings. Then in this world, except for birds, Do all other animals have wings?

The answer may be unexpected, because according to people’s records, there are actually cats with wings in this world. Does it make you incredible? Cats are common animals in our lives today. Even if people have n’t raised them, they clearly know the cat ’s physical characteristics. Perhaps most people will be very skeptical when they see cats. There is indeed a very rare long-winged cat.

Cat Trivia:Is a long-winged cat real?
Cat Trivia:Is a long-winged cat real?

Since the 20th century, people have found cats with long wings, both at home and abroad. It was only when the cats were first discovered that people said that the cats with wings were very large and they really owned them. The ability to fly, but among the long-winged cats that people later discovered, except that they have a pair of wings, they are no different from our domestic cats. They are very cute animals. The appearance of this cat does not seem to have Geographical impact, as it has appeared in a number of different regions.

People call this winged cat an “angel cat”, and people have their own opinions on why it has wings, and some people have not reached a very standard explanation. Some people say that its winged cat A genetic variation caused by environmental pollution. Some people say that it has wings because it may be a new species that has not been discovered by humans. Others say that it has wings because it has a great possibility It is a kind of hybrid animal, and it can be said that people really have different opinions.

So long-winged cats are real, but long-winged cats are fake.

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