Scientists have found something very interesting from whale stool samples, which is a stress hormone. Researchers determined their stress hormone levels over 15 years by examining the faeces of more than 100 North Atlantic right whales. Sometimes guided by sniffer tools, researchers track these animals, collect garbage samples, and analyze them in the New England Aquarium laboratory.

Fecal Trivia: Stress Hormones Found in Whale Feces Samples
Fecal Trivia: Stress Hormones Found in Whale Feces Samples

Results from the feces of 113 seemingly healthy whales helped establish a baseline of stress hormone levels that scientists had never known before. The researchers then compared these baselines to the hormone levels in the faeces of six whale entangled in fishing lines and whale trapped for several days, and found that the animals were anxious.

Scientists have discovered that the noise of maritime traffic has been constantly torturing whales, leaving whales and other species under stress and anxiety for a long time.

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