Sloth trivia: why is it so slow

In terms of mobility, sloths are considered to be one of the few animals whose reputation has been…

In terms of mobility, sloths are considered to be one of the few animals whose reputation has been stabbed. There are a total of 6 species of sloths in 2 families and 2 genera. They are distributed in Brazil and Panama. They do not panic. But why are they so slow? What terrible, shit-related costs do they have to pay for this?

According to HowStuffWorks, sloths are so slow, the reasons for eating are the first to suffer. They mainly inhabit the crown tree vines in the forests of Central and South America and feed on leaves, fruits, flower buds, and buds. Since there is almost no fat and protein in the food, sloths have to use this slow lifestyle to save energy. A sloth will climb or move an average of 125 feet (about 38 meters) every day. On flat ground, climbing one foot (30.48 cm) takes a full minute of sloth.

Sloth trivia: why is it so slow
Sloth trivia: why is it so slow

The digestive systems of sloths follow their slow motion. After chewing the leaves with their lips — they have no front teeth — it can take up to a month for the food to be fully digested. The metabolism rate of sloths is 40% -45% lower than that of ordinary mammals, in order to make up for their ultra slow calorie intake. For a little energy to eat in, the sloth can be regarded as the best use.

Although the sloth moves slowly, it does not mean that they are weak. Their endurance is profound and can hang on branches for hours. Because sloths spend most of their lives in tall trees, they do n’t need to run much to avoid predators.

However, the sloth has a shortcoming to live leisurely. Because they are not nutritious, they usually excrete only once a week. Just like going to a public toilet, this is a time when they are under a lot of stress, because La Baba represents the need to drop trees and may be found by predators. To make matters worse, their intestinal motility is very slow, so every time they have to work hard to excrete 1/3 of their body weight. The next time you envy the sloths’ cool attitude to life, don’t forget how hard they are to defecate.


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