In fact, the statement that the ostrich likes to bury its head in the sand is just a human misunderstanding. No one has actually seen an ostrich stick its head in the sand. If the ostrich really sticks its head in the sand, the ostrich will be smothered. of.

We all know that an ostrich lives in a desert area. It has a long neck, which is very conducive to long-distance ostrich investigation. Whenever the sun rises in the desert area, the high temperature near the ground meets the low temperature in the lower air, producing a layer of mist, which is not conducive to the environmental observation of the creatures in the desert. But the ostrich has a long neck, enough to allow the ostrich to cross the mist and observe the situation in the distance like a periscope.

Ostrich trivia: Why ostriches like to stick their heads in the sand
Ostrich trivia: Why ostriches like to stick their heads in the sand

If the enemy is more threatened and cannot escape, the ostrich will lie down on its entire body, hold its neck close to the ground, and then use its gray-brown hair to disguise as a stone or bush.

When the ostrich’s neck is close to the ground, the ostrich can not only use the vibration of the ground to judge whether the surrounding environment is safe, but also relax its neck briefly to relieve the pressure.

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