Mosquitoes can be regarded as a very strange creature in nature. Their male mosquitoes feed on grass juice or nectar, but their female mosquitoes feed on the blood of animals or humans. Obviously it is an animal, why the two seem to be herbivorous creatures and carnivorous animals.

The main reason lies in the physiological difference between female mosquitoes and male mosquitoes. In the long-term evolution and biological inheritance, the male mosquito’s stoma has deteriorated, the jaw is short and thin, it is difficult to penetrate the animal’s skin, and there is no way to suck blood, so male mosquitoes generally feed on the juice and nectar of plants.

Mosquito trivia: Why do mosquitoes suck blood?
Mosquito trivia: Why do mosquitoes suck blood?

The female mosquito’s needle is extremely sharp and can pierce the animal’s skin and draw blood. And female mosquitoes must draw the animal’s blood in order to make their ovaries develop smoothly. Whenever a female mosquito reports a meal, after sucking a belly of blood, it can develop eggs for a while and then lay eggs. Female mosquitoes can lay eggs 6 to 8 times in their lifetime, 200 to 300 eggs at a time.

Of course, female mosquitoes, biting blood-feeding creatures, can easily cause bacterial infections and harm their health.

Summer has arrived, everyone must do a good job of mosquito protection!

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