Why is the horse standing and sleeping? In fact, the reason for this can be traced back a long, long time ago, when the horse was a wild horse.

At that time, wild horses lived in the wild. These herbivores were extremely docile and could not beat those carnivores at all. What should we do when the enemy invades to kill them? She can only run away. In a long history, those who ran slowly were eaten by other animals, and the rest were all horses running very fast.

Horse trivia: why stand up and sleep
Horse trivia: why stand up and sleep

Later, the predators became faster and faster, and like to attack while the horses were sleeping. The slow-reacting horses became fullers of the predators after waking up for a while.

In order to survive the enemy’s killing, the wild horses gradually developed the habit of standing to sleep and dozing, so that when the hunt came, they could quickly react to escape the hunter’s killing range.

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