As a rare metal, gold has a very high value. In order to obtain rich gold, many people take risks and fight each other. In the magical nature, there are some magical animals, they seem to be favored by God, and the body actually possesses gold. Nature is so big, what animals have gold in them?

Golden Trivia: What animal has it in it?
Golden Trivia: What animal has it in it?

The first is the gold fish. This kind of fish that looks golden is not only docile, but also contains gold in the body, which looks very pleasing. Although it is cruel to say that some people are keeping for some of the scarce gold content in his body, it is also a very good thing to just watch.

Another kind of creature is the gold beetle. This beetle is also golden in appearance. At first glance, it is a rich bug with a huge amount of money. This beetle is similar to other beetles, except for its appearance. The gold beetle also contains a certain amount of gold, but the content is relatively small.

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