Both domestic cats and wild cats have a few very long beards. For most of us, we do n’t know what the cat ’s beards do. Does the cat ’s beards just use for decoration? ?

Actually not, the cat’s beard is a very important tool for cats, not just decorations.

Those long beards are equivalent to cat’s radar for cats. Cats need to use the facial beards to detect the surrounding environment and use them to recognize changes in object perception.

Cat trivia: what does its beard do?
Cat trivia: what does its beard do?

According to scientific research, cats’ whiskers have a very sensitive nervous system, which is a very important tool for cats. If we cut off the cat’s beard, the cat may not be able to move normally.

Of course, the cat’s beard is very important for their mouse-trapping action, because cats need to use the beard to judge the depth of the mouse hole, and use the beard’s perception to determine the direction of the mouse’s next action and make the appropriate Behavioral response.

So do n’t underestimate the cat ’s small beards. These mustaches have a very important role, and they must not be cut out of the cat ’s beard just because of a whim. This is for cats. A very painful thing.

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