The national treasures of Panda China are loved by the people of the world with a very cute look. They have a big dark eye and look very cute.

So do you know why pandas have such big dark circles?

Panda Trivia: What does it have a big black eye
Panda Trivia: What does it have a big black eye

In fact, the panda’s dark circles are a means of biological protection camouflage obtained by pandas during long-term evolution. The panda’s eyes were sunburned. And the panda can effectively play a deterrent effect after having the dark circles.

Because the panda’s eyes are very small, and this layer of dark circles increases the range of the panda’s eyes. When pandas meet other creatures in the wild, they can deter other creatures with their huge eyes.

Therefore, the panda’s dark circles improve the survival probability of pandas, which is conducive to pandas’ camouflage.

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