If you want to say what is the most viral animal in the world, it is none other than bats.

Bats are the most deadly viruses in the world. They carry a total of more than 4,100 viruses. Coronavirus alone has reached more than 500. Whether it is Ebola virus, Marburg virus, Hendra virus or SARS virus, you can find traces on bats. It is enough to be called the most virus-carrying organism in the world.

Animal trivia: the world ’s most viral animal bat
Animal trivia: the world ’s most viral animal bat

Why do bats carry so many viruses without being affected? This is the highlight of the bat’s immune system. The bat’s immune system has been in a state of emergency, always helping the bat against the effects of foreign viruses. But our human immune system generally only plays a role after the body is attacked by bacteria, and the reaction speed is much slower than that of the bat’s immune system.

So the reason why bats can be surrounded by so many viruses but still survive.

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