Pigs are the most exposed creatures in our daily lives. Of course, have you ever eaten pork and have n’t you seen a pig run?

In the process of “working with” pigs for so many years, I believe that many people have discovered that pigs have a very obvious feature, that is, pigs can only see things on the ground, but not to see the sky.

Scientists once did an experiment, they put delicious food over the pig, so that the pig can smell the food and react. However, something that surprised the scientists happened. These pigs only knew how to look on the ground, and they kept arching, but there was no way to find where the scented food was. During the whole experiment, the pig did not raise his head once. Why is this?

Why can't the pig look up at the sky?

In fact, the main reason why the pig ca n’t look up is the special structure of the pig. The pig ’s cervical spine is straight, which directly leads to the pig ’s inability to look up at the sky. Secondly, the pig’s forehead is very thick, that is, the so-called meat is very thick, which also increases the difficulty of raising the pig’s head.

Because of the special structure of the body, there is no way for the pig to look up at the sky all his life, which is also unfortunate for the pig.

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