The magpie is a very blessed bird in the eyes of our Chinese people. It is an auspicious sign and has been loved by us since ancient times.

Magpies generally have little difference in appearance between male and female, and their feathers are almost similar in color. The individual body is 40-50 cm long. Their heads, tails and chests will appear black, and at the same time mixed with purple, blue black, green and other gloss.

Magpie trivia: the best fight magpie
Magpie trivia: the best fight magpie

Magpies are one of the most widely distributed birds in nature. They have active footprints in Asia, Europe, North America, and other places, and they have differentiated different species.

The appearance of the magpie is very gentle and lovely, and there is also a unique biological technique of building a nest. One male and one female and two birds can build a very oval three-dimensional nest with architectural characteristics by virtue of the mud and branches coming around. .

In fact, the magpie with its gentle appearance is one of the most powerful and fierce birds in nature. Among the many birds in nature, many birds do not build their own nests. They use the nests where magpies once lived or use force to plunder magpies to build new nests.

Although the magpie was small, it could not stand his hard-working home and was snatched away by other birds, so he fought up and fought against the “aggressor”. Under the long-term evolution, magpies have also developed a combative personality. Scientists have found that four or five magpies fight with eagles in the sky. The difference in size does not make the magpies succumb, but makes them more courageous.

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