In the 1800s, horses were more than just a majestic animal. They were used for war, transportation, farm work, mail delivery, hunting, and sport. Horses were often their owner’s most prized possession.

In 1889, a nicely dressed man showed up at a farm offering to buy a good horse. He promised to give $10 for the horse that day and $25 more a week later. 

Scam trivia: Horse Trading, the oldest scam
Scam trivia: Horse Trading, the oldest scam

The next day another gentleman strolled up asking for the same horse but offered to pay an extra $25 for it. The farmer agreed. When the first man returned for the horse, the farmer gave the first gentleman his money, plus an extra $10 for his troubles.

The second gentleman never returned for the horse and the two gentlemen split the swindled money.

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