The name of Ye Hailong is derived from ancient Chinese myths. It looks like a piece of algae floating in the water. Ye Hailong can appear green, orange, gold and other body colors. Its body is covered by leaf-like appendages, making it camouflage Very strong. Only when it swings its small fins or turns its two eyes that can move independently will it reveal its whereabouts.

Animal trivia: Ye Hailong, the most interesting animal
Animal trivia: Ye Hailong, the most interesting animal

Similar to the seahorse, the male sea dragon can carry 150 to 200 eggs. After the female sea dragon lays these eggs, the fertilized eggs will spend about 8 weeks in the hive-like area (egg holding point) under the male sea dragon’s tail. Sea dragons have no teeth and stomach, they live by eating krill.

In Australia, they are called Australian seahorses. Ye Hailong lives in low-temperature waters with low waves of 10-12 degrees. The South Australian government has listed Ye Hailong as a protection animal since 1982.

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