Sloths are medium-sized mammals living in central and southern America. They belong to the Geophyllidae and Slothidae under the suborder Hemala. Sloth is an animal that is not picky at all. Sloths eat insects, small lizards and carrion, but their staple food is shoots and leaves.

Animal trivia: the most interesting animal sloth
Animal trivia: the most interesting animal sloth

Long-term arboreal life gives them unique adaptability. Sloth’s stomach is very large, it moves slowly, and is divided into several stomach compartments with various symbiotic bacteria. These stomach bacteria can digest those tough leaves that contain very few nutrients.

The weight of the sloth’s stomach food accounts for two-thirds of the body weight when full, and the digestion process of these foods can take 1 month or more. But the energy provided by the leaves is too little, so sloths have evolved a series of characteristics: Sloth’s metabolism is very slow (twice slower than other animals of the same size), and the body temperature of sloths is generally 30 to 34 Celsius when they are active. The body temperature at rest is even lower. Sloths mostly live on horn trees.

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