Chicken Suo raised chickens have seen, hens in laying eggs, most will cackle. So why cackle?

Chicken trivia: why do hens cackle after laying eggs
Chicken trivia: why do hens cackle after laying eggs

The call of a hen laying eggs is an expression of excitement. Because laying an egg is not a simple thing, especially for hens with strong maternal instinct, it takes a long time to lay an egg in the laying nest. Generally, the shortest time is 10-20 minutes. If the time is long, it will take 4-5 hours to lay an egg.
If you catch a hen who has just entered the nest, it will escape quickly; but when it is hatched for a certain period of time, even if you go to catch it, it will only erect its fur and peck your hand with its beak, but will not stand up. Because by this time the egg has reached the anal orifice, the hen is concentrating on preparing to give birth to it.
Because it takes a lot of physical strength for a hen to lay an egg, it will not leave the nest until it has laid a good egg and after a certain period of rest. At this time, its spirit is in a state of excitement, so it is clucking.
Another function of the hen’s call is to lure the opposite sex. If you’ve been to a chicken farm, you’ll often find a rooster waiting next to the nest. When the hen leaves the nest and cackles, it goes up to mate. According to research, this time of mating, eggs born on the next day are the easiest to fertilize, that is to say, to hatch chickens.

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