Many people like to raise cuckoo, not only because it has beautiful feathers, but also because it has a moving voice. However, it is such an attractive bird that it is a “murderer” in nature.

Cuckoo trivia: birds known as killers
Cuckoo trivia: birds known as killers

When it comes to laying eggs, the cuckoo will roughly drive away the red tailed shrike or reed warbler during the spawning period. Then take an egg from their nest and lay an egg in the nest. Because the color, pattern and size of the eggs laid by the cuckoo are very similar to those of those birds, when the expelled birds return to their nests, they do not notice any change at all and continue to hatch. In the process of hatching, the eggs of cuckoo will hatch ten days in advance. A few hours after hatching, the young cuckoo pushes all the other eggs out of the nest and smashes them. And its adoptive parents will mistakenly think that there is only one child left, and they will take care of and feed it more carefully until it grows into a bird.

Although the cuckoo’s practice allows its own offspring to reproduce, it does harm to the interests of other birds and is a “murderer” to the letter.

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