As we all know, most birds live in trees, so are there any birds that can plant trees?

In fact, there are birds in the world who can plant trees. The name of the bird is cassia, which lives mainly in Peru, South America. The bird looks like a crow, but its call is better than that of a crow. So, how does this bird named “Cassia” plant trees?

Bird trivia: a bird that can plant trees
Bird trivia: a bird that can plant trees

It turns out that this bird likes to eat sweet willow leaves very much. When it eats sweet willow, it will bite off the willow branch and put it aside. Then it will peck a hole in the ground with its mouth, and then insert the willow branch into it, and finally enjoy the willow leaves. Sweet willow is very easy to survive. The willow branches planted on the ground will survive after being moistened by the sun and rain, and will soon grow to more than one meter high. “Cassia” thus inadvertently became a master of afforestation.

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