Scientists have found that when chickens are not hatched and their hair has not grown, they can actually connect with their parents and even their siblings who have never met.

When a chicken mother gives birth, she will leave a message in the egg in advance and tell the chicks in advance. When the shell is broken, what kind of parent-child relationship will they face: if parents are willing to take care of their children, the chicks will prefer to cry when they are born Because they know that the noisy chicks have sugar to eat. On the contrary, if the mother of the chicken has something to tell the chicks that “chickens must depend on themselves”, they will know that crying can’t solve the problem after they are born. It’s better to save energy.

Chicken trivia: hens can communicate with chicks in eggs
Chicken trivia: hens can communicate with chicks in eggs

In addition, if the external environment is not safe, the parents can directly warn the chickens to tighten their skin and not to be too rough after they come out, and the eggs will also indicate that they have read through vibration. What’s more interesting is that if the eggs that have received the warning are put together with the pitiable eggs that have not received the warning After hatching, there is no difference in the behavior pattern of the chicks, which shows that these brothers and sisters can also exchange information with each other in the eggs.

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