In fact, it’s easy to get stuck with the research on cat behavior. When scientists do experiments, they often can’t tell whether the cat can’t understand it or not, or just don’t want to kill you. Therefore, whether a cat can “imitate human behavior” has not been proved until recently.

Imitation here refers to “observe and copy the same movement.” like running and swimming, you can do whatever you do. At present, only five animals have been proved to have the blood wheel eye ability across species – parrots, dolphins, chimpanzees, dogs and killer whales.

Cat trivia: cats can really imitate human behavior
Cat trivia: cats can really imitate human behavior

In the study, the cat was asked to play super competition, and first made some body movements that he had not practiced: for example, he would lower his waist, rub the cardboard box with his face, and reach out his right hand to touch the carton. If he could do it again, he would win the food reward.

The results show that cats can actually move the corresponding parts and make the same action, with a success rate of 80%. However, as mentioned at the beginning, most cats have poor coordination. They are easy to be distracted, and they are not likely to be at your disposal for food. As a result, the experiment has to find a cat that is greedy to exercise, which proves that cats really have the ability of cross species imitation.

You don’t have to complain why your cat can’t do it. On the contrary, human beings do not need any reward. They imitate cat’s behavior one by one. This is probably the most unruly performance!

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