Generally speaking, music that humans can understand meets two elements: the rhythm is close to the heartbeat, and the pitch falls on our vocal frequency, so those music that is too fast, too slow, too high or too low will make it difficult to recognize or even remember. in. By the same token, cats and dogs don’t understand music

Music trivia: In fact, cats and dogs have their own musical experience
Music trivia: In fact, cats and dogs have their own musical experience

It also depends on their physiological conditions: because their heart rate and listening frequency are different from humans, their perception of music is also very different from ours.

Experiments have pointed out that cats almost hate all human music. This may be because cats’ ears can receive very high sound frequencies. Any human golden song is too low and unpleasant for cats. Even if you sing to them, let’s learn cats together. Scream, the cat just wants to ask you: Is this stupid? As for dogs, because of breed factors, body sizes and physical conditions are different, music preferences are naturally more diverse. For example, the heart rate of large dogs is about the same as that of adult males, and they have a better chance to resonate with human music.

However, in the end, I still want to advise you: most cats and dogs still can’t understand human music, so don’t really sing to your cats and puppies anymore – they really think you sing badly. !

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