Is there life on the moon? Maybe!
Have scientists really found evidence of life on the moon? not yet.

Why are we talking about this?

“Journal of Astrobiology” published a new paper on July 23. The title of the paper was amazing: “Did the early moon ever be inhabitable?”

Moon trivia: Has evidence of life been found on the moon?
Moon trivia: Has evidence of life been found on the moon?

The paper was written by two astrobiologists from Birkbeck College in London and the Technical University of Berlin. The two astrobiologists said that there is no evidence that life ever existed on the moon. In fact, the paper did not present any form of new evidence. The paper does not represent any research conclusion.

On the contrary, according to existing research, there may be a period in the history of the moon that the creatures on the surface will not die immediately.

Other scientists believe that there is no life on the moon today. The moon has no atmosphere, no liquid water on the surface of the moon, and no magnetosphere to protect its surface from the threat of solar wind and cosmic radiation. The moon has no chemical polymers as the cornerstone of life, and its temperature varies greatly.

These scientists pointed out that many recent studies indicate that this may not always be the case.

They pointed out that due to the existence of volcanic activity on the moon in the past, there may be two periods (one 4 billion years ago, just after the moon was formed, and the next 3.5 billion years ago), the moon may be suitable for life for several million years. of.

The authors write that volcanic gas may spew water vapor on the surface of the moon, and recent evidence suggests that the moon contains more water than scientists once thought. The same process may promote the formation of the atmosphere. They said that the moon may also form a magnetic field similar to that of the earth, which deflects radiation from threatening stars.

This can solve the three key problems of lunar habitability. At present, researchers have not been able to directly solve the problem of temperature changes on the moon. Perhaps the previous atmosphere of the moon can solve this problem. However, there is one important factor that has not been resolved: the cornerstone of life.

No amino acids or other chemical substances have been found on the moon. Without these substances, living things cannot be formed. Similar chemicals have been found far away from Mars.

The researchers wrote that these chemicals may be native, or they may have come from an asteroid impact. Some scientists believe that life on Earth may come from an asteroid impact.

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