Why does China’s Tianyan system choose to build such a rainy province in Guizhou, often encountering heavy rains and the like? Can this displacement be able to withstand it?

How does China Tianyan Radio Telescope drain?
How does China Tianyan Radio Telescope drain?

The FAST radio telescope station is located in the Dawoyu karst depression of Kedu Town, Pingtang County, Qiannan Prefecture, Guizhou Province. The catchment area is about 0.657km2. Due to its unique address structure and the thunderstorm weather in Guizhou, it is a torrential rain that never happened in a hundred years. A large amount of water will be deposited at the bottom of the site. Therefore, in order to ensure the safe operation of the telescope, the tunnel drainage project was designed and constructed. The total length of the FAST engineering drainage tunnel adopting the pressureless tunnel design scheme is 1121m. The tunnel is divided into open cut and underground excavation sections. The length of the open excavation section is 58.588m, and the length of the excavation tunnel is 1062.499m. The entire drainage system consists of a roadside ditch, a radial gutter, a circumferential gutter, a bottom gutter, an energy dissipation pool, and a drainage tunnel.

In addition, the mirror itself is not a tightly ventilated cauldron, but is spliced by small triangles, and a drained seam is reserved.

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