In 1978, an astrophysicist named Jean-Pierre Luminet used his mathematical expertise and related techniques to simulate the appearance of a black hole for the first time using a 6070 IBM 7040 perforated computer.

Luminet explained: “At the time, this was a very special topic. Most astronomers at the time did not believe in the existence of black holes. I wanted to explore the strange physical phenomenon of black holes and hoped to come up with a black hole that would help us get black holes. The exact mechanism of indirect evidence exists.”

But the computer at the time did not have such powerful graphics processing power, so Luminet can only record the data returned by the computer, and then draw it on the negative with a pen and ink.

Black hole Trivia:40 years ago, someone painted a black hole.
Black hole Trivia:40 years ago, someone painted a black hole.

This image shows how the flat material that falls into the black hole can be seen if we are close enough to the black hole.

This black hole picture has ample scientific theory. It can be said that it is still the most realistic black hole picture until now. Many of the black hole pictures synthesized later are based on Luminet’s research results decades ago, such as “Interstellar Crossing”. Super black hole in the book.

Whether the real black hole is consistent with this picture, maybe we will know it later.

When he was asked about the most exciting part of EHT, the most famous figure about the black hole image, he said excitedly, “The photo of the accretion disk!”

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