Color is far more than what our eyes look like. But the strange thing is that our human beings and the visible light on these electromagnetic spectrums have a close relationship with each other. The connection is so strong that it can easily make our heart rate faster or even stress, or let us There is a warm and fuzzy satisfaction.

According to a survey by papermakers G F Smith and the University of Sussex, if you want to calm down, Navy is the best choice, while blue-green and soft pink are second.

Colour Trivia:What is the most popular color in the world?
Colour Trivia:What is the most popular color in the world?

This “world’s most popular color” experiment, involving 26,596 participants in more than 100 countries, aims to understand the most popular colors in the world. This is probably the largest color study ever. In order to achieve the purpose of the experiment, they let the subjects list the specific color-related attributes and representative emotions, both to find out what different colors mean for different people, and also to understand what might affect this.

Professor Anna Franklin, an authoritative expert in color psychology at the University of Sussex, wrote in a blog post about the project: “Many studies have investigated the connection between color and emotion. Although they are not all the same The conclusions, but they also have something in common.” She explained: “First, the more saturated the color, the more exciting and stimulating it will be. Second, the lighter the color, the more calm and relaxed you will be; Many studies have found that blue and green are two typical representatives of relaxed color. Based on this, few studies deny it.”

The results also show that orange is usually associated with happiness, while pink is synonymous with sex. Luxury goods all over the world are inseparable from white, purple and orange. Let me tell you that even if people are different, people have their own good, but most people’s favorite color is still green or blue. According to the theory of ecological potency (one of the few ‘color preference theories’), humans like these colors because they are related to certain environmental characteristics, and we can enjoy these environmental characteristics and benefit from them. . Clear skies, clean water, green vegetation, aren’t they all loved by us? This also explains why we don’t like dark brown because they always remind us of dirty water, feces and disease.

However, although some colors have indeed been given a certain meaning (just like we mentioned red, it is associated with anger), but we must remember that the interpretation of color by different groups may vary greatly. Because there are still some studies that show that in different cultures, color represents different meanings, especially when it comes to abstract concepts. For example, white means peace in one culture, and in another culture, It is linked to death.

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