Many people have entered space now. Astronauts need to spend a long time at the space station, mainly Russian astronauts. The astronauts of the Soyuz and Mir space stations have to work in orbit around the Earth for a year or more. They experiment with chemical materials, plants and animals under weightlessness and study the universe with various measuring tools. And the earth.

Space Trivia:Can you build a city that orbits the Earth?
Space Trivia:Can you build a city that orbits the Earth?

Since the 1980s, human footprints have almost never been interrupted in space. However, the life of the astronauts is not comfortable. The space of the “Mir” space station is very small, and the noise of ventilation devices and various research tools is constant. Astronauts eat, wash, and toilet, all in a small space station. An astronaut once said that the space station is like a mixture of dressing rooms and noisy refrigerators. In a narrow space, it is not easy for many people to spend a long time together. Even if the closest friends will have conflicts or disputes, it is a good thing to calm themselves down, but it is not easy in the “Mir”. Astronauts can only solve problems on their own, because the people on the earth can’t give any help at the time of the conflict.

Many people have realized that the astronauts’ emotions cannot be ignored in the flight of the universe. In the space station, there is no gravity of the earth, the burden on the body is reduced, and the person is in a floating state, and it is easy to hit the surrounding objects while moving. When you are in weightlessness for a long time, the human bones become weak. Many young astronauts suffer from osteoporosis, which is usually the disease that older people get. Muscles also shrink due to lack of activity and weight. In order to avoid bad situations, astronauts must do more exercise. In 1998, Russia began construction of the “International Space Station”, the follow-up space station of the “Mir”. This space station is different from all previous space stations. It is a real space station built by countries. Although it is mainly funded by the United States and Russia, a large part of the equipment comes from Canada, Brazil and Japan, and the European Space Agency also participates. The International Space Station is a huge project. After it is fully built, the weight of the space station will reach 450 tons. There are no spacecraft that can carry such heavy objects into space. Therefore, space stations can only be built in space. After the construction project is completed, astronauts will regularly carry food and scientific tools to the space station.

The cost of the space station is more than 30 billion euros and is an expensive project. Even though many people think that such research is costly, there are still plenty of reasons for the scientific community to invest in space stations. Every euro invested in the study of the universe will bring several times or more of the proceeds from research and discovery. When humans want to further study other planets in the solar system, they need to establish an “intermediate station” in orbit around the earth. It is a huge and arduous task to build a giant spacecraft on Earth directly to Mars, but it would be easier to disassemble and reassemble the various parts of the space station. In the future, humans will send unmanned spacecraft to Mars in order to extract surface samples of Mars.

However, many scientists believe that it is very risky to bring the Mars sample back to Earth directly, because it is impossible to completely rule out the unknown harmful substances on Mars. Therefore, scientists plan to send samples to the space station for research. After the new space station is completed, it can be continuously expanded to provide more space for astronauts. Perhaps slowly, the space station can develop into a small city and become a place of life for astronauts and their families. In the future, human beings will also establish resorts in the universe. There are all kinds of leisure facilities in the space station hundreds of kilometers from the surface of the earth. In the state of weightlessness, you can freely overlook the earth of human life and look up to the beautiful starry sky. All astronauts say that being able to drift freely is a wonderful experience, and you can imagine what interesting things will happen in weightlessness. When playing a ball game, it is completely different from that on the earth, because not only the ball is moving, but the player who is playing is also flying. Handball or football can even be played in three-dimensional space, and the player will chase the ball in a spherical space.

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