Although it sounds cool to shoot a gun in space, this is not the case, because there is no sound in space, so we don’t hear gunshot in space. Many people are curious why the use of real guns instead of laser-type light-wave pistols by space police, space cowboys, etc. is seldom shown in Star Theme movies. This is actually based on facts. Although there is no sound in space, shooting is still effective, although this effect is different from the so-called effect on Earth.

Space trivia:What happens when you shoot in space?
Space trivia:What happens when you shoot in space?

There is neither sound nor oxygen in space. So no flame can burn. However, in modern guns, oxidants and compounds are built in, which can ignite propellants and bullets. This internal device allows the gun to ignite successfully whenever and wherever you pull the trigger.

But that’s what’s interesting and worthwhile. You may have heard Newton’s third law. This law shows that the forces and reactions between two objects interacting are always equal in magnitude and opposite in direction, acting on the same straight line. This means that if you shoot in space, the reaction force of the gun will cause you to retreat without feeling it. On Earth, you stop because of gravity and the impact of your foot on the ground. In space, the only evidence that you feel backward is that when a bullet flies in one direction, you gradually move away from the bullet in the opposite direction.

After talking about the impact of guns, let’s talk about bullets. Bullets fired from space do not move faster than bullets fired from the earth, but may have a longer range. On Earth, gravity eventually causes bullets to land, and even if they don’t hit anything or anyone, they can’t change the fact that they will eventually land. However, because there is no gravity in space, as long as the bullet does not hit anything, it will always move, just like an asteroid or a planet.

If you shoot well and unfortunately, the bullet may eventually hit you. Why is that? Let’s first assume that you’re in a planetary orbit, which means that you’re held up by a weak gravity field. If you shoot straight ahead, it means that the bullet will also be in a unified orbit. As the planet moves, the bullet will eventually hit you in the back. This may not be a horror movie, but it’s a comedy full of black humor.

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