Tears are fluids that flow from your eyes when you are sad or overly excited. But do you know what it is like to cry in space, NASA astronaut Clayton said he cried several times in space because of some very emotional situations. Crying is exactly the same as it is on Earth, except that tears don’t fall because of gravity.

Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfielt also showed his crying scenes under zero gravity. He said that from time to time, such large tears stuck on his cheeks and felt tingling from time to time, which is simply masochistic behavior. Of course, because he couldn’t just cry and cry, Chris got drinking water instead of tears. I saw him squeezing water into his eyes, and these tears waved up and down with the blink of an eye, rushing into his eyes from time to time. He also said that if he cried too long in outer space, the liquid ball on his face would become bigger and bigger and eventually spread to the entire cheek. The solution is very simple, just wipe it off with a towel.

Space Trivia: Drinking water accidentally in space can drown?
Space Trivia: Drinking water accidentally in space can drown?

Earlier, there were astronauts trying to drink water in space, and I saw that he blew into the bottle. As a result, all the water ran out and covered his face, almost drowning him. The crisis in space is indeed too dangerous.

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