8 minutes and 19 seconds, which is 499 seconds.

The 10² seconds written in the book is only an order of magnitude, and does not indicate a specific number. In layman’s terms, it is “the number of seconds that light travels from the sun to the earth, recorded in units of hundreds.” 1. The sun is a star and emits light by itself. The earth is a planet and can only rely on reflection. Since it is reflected, the light will not be too strong!

It takes 8 minutes for the sun’s rays to reach the earth
It takes 8 minutes for the sun’s rays to reach the earth

In the propagation process of light, loss will definitely occur, and the light of the earth is reflected light, which is very weak!

So, it’s impossible for its light to reach as far away as 100 million light years. Even if it arrives, people can see the sun at a distance of 100 million light-years, because the sun’s light is much stronger and larger than the faint light emitted by the earth.

Let’s suppose that we have seen the earth, and the size of dinosaurs is a drop in the ocean relative to the volume of the earth, so it is even less visible! At best, it can only be said to see the light emitted by the earth in the age of dinosaurs!

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