Freud’s dream interpretation method is as well-known as the magical skills of picking up girls, and some people even think that he takes the opportunity to have relationships with women through the professionalism of helping people to interpret dreams.

People are especially interested in his female patient Emma, because Freud, who has always emphasized that sexual impulses affect neurological symptoms and dreams, has very little description of Emma’s implicit desires in dreams.

Horror experiment trivia: Freud's dream interpretation of the world's most terrifying experiment
Horror experiment trivia: Freud’s dream interpretation of the world’s most terrifying experiment

Emma was diagnosed with lovesickness and physical and mental disorders due to nose pain and bloody secretions. Later, the symptoms became more and more serious. The master invited a doctor friend to help check, and unnecessary surgery was performed, and the doctor friend also missed it. A piece of gauze in Emma’s nasal cavity caused a heavy bleeding.

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