Sakurai Liya (桜井りあ) was born on July 19, 1989 in Akita Prefecture, Japan. In the summer of 2008, she made her debut on Max-a with a little cutie on the loli route. She became the most popular AV actress in Japan in one year.

Pornstar trivia: Ria Sakurai, Japan's most popular pornstar in 2017
Pornstar trivia: Ria Sakurai, Japan’s most popular pornstar in 2017

Sakurai Ria changed her name to Sato Honoka. She is an exclusive AV actress who debuted in the production company “MAX-A” with her work “New Comer Sakurai Rika” in July 2008.

Character evaluation

He has curly blond hair, and his face is a typical melon seed face, with a little mixed-race feeling. The level of sophistication makes people most likely to have an illusion when they see her, thinking that she is simply a beautiful girl out of anime. In her photo album, she often shows ignorant innocence and cuteness. After that, he moved to Sky Angel, Tokyo Hot, and a master.

Since she is a little beauty, she naturally loves to show her beautiful figure. Sakurai not only loves herself in show, but also likes to show the objects around her. For example, once I bought a bottle of “Flicking Chicken Feather” perfume, I immediately showed it [to show fans. I just made a crystal armor and can’t wait to take photos and write blogs. I just bought a furry collar coat, and I immediately tried it on my upper body and took a selfie on my blog. Even if I just put on a beautiful makeup, I should share it with everyone. Sakurai cares for his fans so much, his popularity naturally explodes.

Sakurai Ria admitted that she had only seen Ai Iijima’s work once, and she completely forgot what she played. However, Leia Sakurai, who has loved singing since childhood, hopes to be like Ai Iijima, hoping to enter the showbiz and become a singer. She has mentioned it in many articles on her blog, hoping to enter the music scene in the future. And the cute note pattern is also added to the text.

It seems that being an AV actress is only the first step for Sakurai to enter the Japanese entertainment circle. Naturally, she is not interested in AV, but hopes that she will develop and become an all-round entertainer.

Nationality: Japan
Nationality: Yamato
Height: 152cm
Place of Birth: Akita Prefecture, Japan
Date of Birth: July 19, 1989
Occupation: AV actress
Brokerage company: Tokyo Hot
Representative works: New Comer桜井りあ
Measurements: 80-56-82 cm
Blood type: AB type
Stunt: Basketball

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